Recipe For Success: Calvin Werts

Image of Calvin Werts taken by me in 2019

Born September 22nd in Olympia, Washington

Personal Success Definition

I define success as having the courage and skill to do what you are passionate about with your life, while also being successful in your own terms. To have that success propelled by your own ambition and drive is what makes it real to me.

Calvin Werts is above the curve for where he is. He is swimming in college, a goal he had sought after through high school, and has gotten a job filming and editing in the swimming community, which is exactly the job he wanted to have. He earned every part of it, taking the opportunities where they came despite anything difficult happening in his life at the time.

Skills for Success

Calvin Werts is a dedicated worker, a risk taker and someone who loves to laugh. When he sets his mind to something, it will get done. He goes for the result he wants consistently, not necessarily what would be conventional. With all that being said, he is never overly serious, and wants to have fun in his work when he can.

How They Used These Skills

Calvin used his connections in the swimming world he had accumulated through his hard work to get his foot in the door of his favorite work field under that subject matter. He had done volunteer work for the titular CG of CG Sports in order to secure the job he has now. That was a payback 2 years in the making.

Challenges Overcome

Calvin Werts spends most of his time spinning multiple plates, and he finds the time and energy to put into each of them. Through high school he swam 5 hours a day, while also doing full IB and other extracurricular activities Now in college, he has a job as the video editor of a athlete management company alongside his regular classes.

Significant Work

Calvin can let his talent for creative editing and cinematography shine in his current occupation.


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