Quick Film Project 1


GOAL: The goal of this film is to get evidence of cinematography for my peers.

INTENTION: The intention of this film is to get some really cool shots and lighting.


This is gonna be a hard and confusing sell to anyone wanting to come on the project. I’ll start by saying that the purpose of this is gathering evidence of cinematography, as I know Neil and Dexter need it. The initial idea was simply that we would make a film in almost complete darkness, to attain a greater degree of control over the light that is present. In essence, this film will follow two pairs of hands playing Jenga, in a completely dark room save for the light directly about the Jenga tower. It’s hard to convey without visuals what this would look like, but I have some inspirations to share.

The first would be this performance by the trio Mummenschanz for two reasons. The first is the minimalistic sound design, the second is the wordless personality conveyed through motion.

The second would be the closing scene of Whiplash, mainly for the use of light and framing of the hands you see throughout this sequence.

This will all be far easier to communicate once I can get some storyboards and a script out, but for now, I’ll include a small materials list.


  • Camera
  • Two pairs of thin gloves
  • Blackout shades
  • A very harsh directional light
  • Other miscellaneous lights
  • Bounce
  • Microphone
  • Jenga set

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